ACT Law Courts


Scribbly Gum by Jade Oakley

Canberra, ACT

Creative Road is collaborating with Australian artist Jade Oakley and Axolotl Art Projects to deliver a large scale timber and lighting artwork for the ACT Law Courts in Canberra. Jade’s artwork, Scribbly Gum references the local landscape and will be integrated into a curvaceous balustrade wall.

Scribbly Gum is comprised of a series of wooden panels. The patterns of these trees have inspired the curved, intersecting lines that define the shapes of the panels. The curves also relate to the shape of the wall itself, which undulates and references the surrounding landscape.  Light is used in Scribbly Gum to create a visually dynamic artwork, as bright points of light appear to slowly weave their way through the curvaceous maze of scribbles. The gradual, glowing movement of these lights creates a sense of time passing and a feeling of calm, like watching a fire or shadows passing over the landscape.

The Scribbly Gum also lends the artwork a light touch as it reminds us of the wonder of nature, and nature’s ‘sense of humour.’ The whimsical patterns on the scribbly bark bring to mind childhood, and time spent in the bush. It is a reminder of our native land, the place that grounds us and links us together. It is a symbol of the culture and landscape to which we belong.

Jade Oakley