Andrew Dennis

Formerly known as Jumbo, Andrew Dennis is a commercial artist, illustrator, painter and sign maker based in Sydney. Drawing from a diverse range of influences including modern 20th century art, low-brow comic art, 90’s skateboarding and graffiti culture and everything in-between, Dennis has been actively making his vibrant and engaging artwork in public spaces around Australia and the world for well over a decade.

One of Sydney’s most prolific street artists, Dennis’ graphic, brightly coloured and geometrically patterned artworks conjure up curious scenes from abstract dreamscapes and kaleidoscopic natural environments. Over the years Dennis has been commissioned by a range of high profile clients including Dell, Absolut, Billabong and fashion designer Therese Rawsthorne.  He has also exhibited his work at the National Gallery of Australia.

Banner Image: Elysium Laneway Project | Byron Bay NSW, 2017 | Andrew Dennis | Callie Marshall Photography