Jade Oakley, Bendigo Hospital, Victoria

The Mallee mobiles, made from steel and copper wire are installed in a long, narrow void between two buildings at the new $630m regional hospital. Six kinetic sculptural elements come together to form one large installation. As a whole Mallee is striking and impressive – looking up from the main entrance and down from the glass windows/lift well areas.

Individual mobiles are suspended outside the windows of the mental health ward to provide patients with an opportunity for contemplation. A window provides an opportunity to look out; as such the mobiles have been designed to be most interesting when viewed close up.

The artwork’s organic form, colour palette and surface treatment aims to create a soothing and peaceful environment for hospital patients.

“From the windows Mallee provides an ever-changing view as the mobiles turn constantly in the breeze. The network of cables joining the mobiles to each other is symbolic of the connection between all living things.”

Jade Oakley

Client: Lend Lease Building

Photography: Michelle Dunn