Daniel Templeman

Daniel Templeman completed a Doctorate in Visual Arts with the Queensland College of Art in 2013. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has completed major public artworks for the Brisbane Magistrates Court, The Queensland/New South Wales border, 31 Queen Street Melbourne CBD, University of Western Sydney, Brisbane’s Southbank Educational Precinct, Gold Coast University Hospital and several works throughout Brisbane’s CBD.

Templeman was the recipient of an Australian Post–Graduate Scholarship; he was awarded the Queensland Art Gallery’s Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship in 1997. In addition to the Philadelphia residency, Daniel was award an Art Omi international Residency to up-state New York in 2008.

Banner Image: 13 Queen Street | Melbourne, VIC | Daniel Templeman | Peter Clarke Photography

My art practice explores notions of both, perception and connection. Perception, by engaging the viewer in a conceptual conflict through form, for example, what appears solid is hollow, what appears fluid is fixed, and; connection by creating objects that are contingent on anterior phenomenon such as light, movement, gravity, the site and the body.

Revealing and concealing have become the prevailing dynamics of my work. Whether it is within the form of the artwork itself, or the site it occupies, this opposition is always central.  What began as a desire to manipulate the perceived properties of an object has expanded to include the phenomena the object is subject to.

Can an art object be about what it does rather than what it is? This idea is not simply – function over form – rather it questions an objects ability to connect the viewer to a source, not physically held within the object but rather facilitated by it. My most recent work focuses on the possibility of objects contingent on the movement of both, light and the viewer. This approach has resulted in objects that have a strong connection to place, as the object is designed in relation to the potential variants of light and movement made possible by the specific site.

My methodology typically involves; site visits, sketches, consultation and collaboration (with architects, curators, lighting designers and client), the development of a Marquette and supervision of shop drawings, samples, construction and installation.

Daniel Templeman