David McCracken

David McCracken began sculpting in his teens, mostly figurative work carved in wood. After a period in the performing arts he began making sculpture using a wide variety of materials. McCracken saw the potential of steel fabrication for producing art from readily available and inexpensive scrap when he could afford little else. He furthered his metal fabrication skills to include aluminium, stainless steel and corten steel, and began casting in bronze and stainless steel.

McCracken has exhibited at many outdoor exhibitions including three Sculpture on the Gulfs, winning the Peoples Choice award in 2005, and Shapeshifter exhibition. He has been short listed for the Wallace Awards three times, being an award finalist twice.

“A lot of my work is about honouring or elevating a humble…sometimes even utilitarian or banal form or object into a memorable object. I see it as a kind of amplification… I often call it a material ‘soap’ I like the idea of the sculpture as a sort of slow (stationary) drama… I am continually working on aspects of ‘process’ and method. I strive to design in an elegance to the process… I have often thought of the act of making a work as a slow audience less performance. I have a strong urge to make beautiful objects and ergo, peoples’ responses to that… it seems people tend to measure themselves against beauty…if they see it at all … and am continually amazed at the meanings people project onto artwork … I see the language of objects as immeasurably rich and deep … and sculpture as a tiny subset of the collective ‘all manufacture objects’…as such it is under great pressure to perform …especially as the quality and range of manufactured items soars…” David McCracken