Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment


Health Infrastructure, NSW

Creative Road is working with Health Infrastructure NSW to develop a strategy to guide the delivery of an art program for the final stages of the Dubbo Hospital redevelopment between 2017 and 2020.

The project vision is to deliver a leading regional arts in health program unique to Dubbo and its catchment area communities – which extend out to nearly 400 km.  The program will be a curated complimentary arts and cultural experience which promotes health, healing and a safe and welcoming environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Our art strategy for the hospital has been developed around the following curatorial framework:

Dubbo’s Waterways 
The spiritual connection of water to health and healing

As Dubbo’s traditional owners, the life and identity of the Tubbagah People of the Wiradjuri Nation has been sustained by the local rivers and floodplains. These people see themselves as an integral part of the river system. A holistic understanding and connection to the waterways gives them a strong sense of responsibility for the health of the rivers, water planning and management.

Faces of Regional Australia
A safe and welcoming place

For those who have travelled far from home, a familiar face can erase a gnawing fear of the unknown. A first visit to hospital may be fraught with a sense of dread and it is important that Aboriginal people in particular are welcomed warmly in a visual sense.  Artistic and uplifting images of health workers or elders from the broader regional community and/or local recognisable characters may provide a comforting presence.