Edward Street


Upgrade Project, Brisbane QLD

Creative Road was engaged by Brisbane City Council to develop a public art strategy and artist shortlist for a high end retail precinct in the heart of Brisbane.

This project is about distinguishing this section of Edward Street, enhancing its reputation and building its future international standing as a unique destination. The quality and originality of the public art commissioned aims to create an unforgettable retail experience of Edward Street, reinforcing a growing precinct character of sophistication, quality and high fashion.

The public artworks proposed will capture the imagination of visitors, locals and particularly the tourist shopper, often also a cultural tourist, who may be jaded by the sameness of luxury retail destinations around the world. For them, the delight and discovery of unexpected and engaging art will create a memorable experience. Artworks will appeal to a diverse audience through a contemporary and edgy sense of the new, through humour, colour, beauty, surprise and originality.

Set to become one of the great retail fashion destinations of the Asia Pacific region, the Edward Street upgrade will be distinguished by a confluence of sophisticated art and design. The allure of high fashion and elegant – sometimes edgy – contemporary art, will capture an audience hungry for the high fashion experience and ready for the intrigue of finely integrated, unexpected art interventions.

On the catwalk and in fashion photography, installation art is effectively used by the great fashion houses to convey their fantasy worlds. Now, in Edward Street, contemporary artists will have the opportunity to respond to the themes of an evolving high fashion precinct, in unforgettable ways.

Bronwen Colman