Goonellabah Woolworths


Dreaming of Koala Haven by Karla Dickens

Goonellabah, NSW

At Goonellabah in Lismore NSW, Lismore City Council and Woolworths were working through a new development and consideration was given to a large blank wall overlooking the youth plaza below. It was decided a wall space 18m x 6m would be dedicated for a site specific public artwork.

Creative Road’s Rebecca Townsend managed an artist selection process with five local artists. Karla Dickens’ Dreaming of a Koala Haven was selected by Council’s Public Art Committee as the preferred concept to activate the skate park and provide a strong visual backdrop to the development. An original artwork was created by the artist which was photographed, printed onto 24 aluminium panels and installed over two days.

Images: Dreaming of a Koala Haven, Karla Dickens (2013) Goonellabah NSW (Photos: Natsky) produced in collaboration with M. Morrison.

The heavy collage helps to build rich spaces and also like my memories the collage comes from different times, with the fabric found in op-shops all having had a previous life in strangers homes and hands. The collage also serves to provide depth to the flatly painted images.

Karla Dickens