The Bay


Jade Oakley, Kiaora Land Redevelopment, Double Bay NSW

Australian artist Jade Oakley was engaged to design a signature feature for a new shopping precinct the Kiaora Lands Redevelopment in Kiaora Lane, a joint venture between Woolworths and Woollahra Council. Jade’s design, a 144 square metre sculptural building façade depicts an abstracted interpretation of Double Bay’s iconic geography.

Images: The Bay, Jade Oakley (2012) Double Bay NSW (Photos: Lily Leser and Rebecca Townsend) produced in collaboration with M. Morrison.

No line drawn by hand is as beautiful as the elegant arabesque of the bay itself. The Bay is inspired by the natural beauty of Double Bay, expressed through the curve of the bay itself and framed by two giant Port Jackson fig trees. The composition is a combination of different scales and perspectives woven together, depicting two iconic natural symbols of Double Bay.

The artwork creates a sense of mapping through the aerial view of the Bay’s topography, to engender a strong sense of place. The boat-studded water cradled between the two great trees is a reminder of the harbour, so close yet not visible from the heart of Double Bay.

Jade Oakley