Matthew Harding

Matthew Harding pushes the boundaries of materials and process producing sculptural forms and design pieces in stone, wood, metal, glass and ephemeral media. Whether carving delicate fine art pieces, prototyping designs or working on large-scale public sculpture, Matthew creates objects that feed the spirit.

In a career spanning almost three decades Matthew has produced a substantial body of work across a wide range of artistic disciplines. His practice currently focuses on large-scale public artworks, sculptural exhibition pieces, craft objects and furniture design. Integral to Matthew’s practice are the processes of conceptualisation, design and fabrication of his work. In any medium, Matthew is constantly driven to push the boundaries of the material and conventional process.

While diverse in materials and processes, Matthew’s works demonstrate a common theme and investigation into the experiential aspect of form and materialism. He creates objects to be interacted with, touched, sat on, objects that reflect and morph; objects which have a vital and poetic relationship to the environment they are in and the people who interact with them.

Matthew’s work is part of many important public and corporate collections nationally and internationally, including National Gallery of Australia; Artbank; Australian National University, ACT; The Boston Museum of Fine Art, USA and The Royal Collection, England.