Melissa Hirsch

Melissa Hirsch came to art as an environmentalist. The reoccurring focus of her work is nature – art in nature, about nature, with nature. Early in her career all work was made entirely from plant fibres collected from her local area, the Northern Rivers of NSW. Her practise has since expanded to include other materials such as metal, fishing line, timber and glass.

Melissa’s art making skills are based in basketry, carpentry, floristry and ceramics and have developed to include various aspects of glass work and welding. A multi-skilled art practitioner with an ability to execute her ideas from concept through to completion.

Melissa has held over 10 solo exhibitions, her 2006 De-natured at Brenda May Gallery in Sydney re-created a garden shed with utilitarian garden objects woven in New Zealand flax fibre. Her fibre artwork has won a number of awards, been shown widely in curated travelling exhibitions throughout Australia and is held in numerous Regional Gallery collections.

Melissa has been involved in various collaborative and ephemeral projects such as Efemera, an all female arts collective which produced site specific outdoor installations. Her work Lomandra Longifolia Red made from brightly painted red cane was a major award recipient at artsCape, an environmental sculpture exhibition held at Cape Byron Headland in 2005.