Missing Corners


Daniel Templeman, North Sydney CBD

Missing Corners by artist Daniel Templeman is a striking new entrance statement for North Sydney, the prominent painted metal and timber sculpture welcomes passing commuters coming off the Cahill Expressway and Sydney Harbour Bridge whilst providing a place of solace for the passing pedestrian at this busy intersection.
With the soft surface of the timber panels and the open triangular structures, pedestrians are encouraged to take time out, enter, sit and contemplate the work. The simple aesthetic references the interior furnishings of the former church, whilst sitting in contrast to the surrounding buildings of glass and steel.
Where the triangles meet the corners are missing, this creates a singular form that runs in a continuum. Large metal beams are tensioned over many meters, imbuing the artwork with a sense of mystery or impossibility. Templeman asks us to consider if, “what is missing is more important that was it there”. Templeman’s art practice explores the various levels of perception by engaging the viewer in visual conundrums, so they might experience an unveiling.

Client: North Sydney Council

Photography: Silversalt Photography


“Missing Corners was created in an effort to both reference the Methodist Church that once stood here and to capitalise on the myriad of ways in which viewers approach the site. And so the concept of a meeting place arose. The form itself makes a visual, yet subtle, connection to the rooftop of the Methodist Church and importantly, works through parallax, that is to say the works appearance changes depending upon where you look at it from.”


Daniel Templeman