North Sydney Public Art Trail

The North Sydney Public Art Trail (NSPAT) was initiated by North Sydney Council (NSC) as part of their vision to shape a progressive, vibrant and diverse North Sydney community.

The NSPAT is intended to be a subset of the public art experience throughout the LGA, as a more intense experience, achieved in a comfortable walk with opportunities for rest and refreshment. A draft trail map with 14 locations was originally proposed by NSC with the understanding that the project had significant gaps and required a professional review and recommendations.

Creative Road were engaged to offer expertise in reviewing the NSPAT, recognising the different integrated layers and requirements of the project; heritage interpretation, placemaking, wayfinding, cultural development, cultural tourism and economic development.

Rebecca Townsend and Darren Taitoko offered specialist curatorial and landscape design expertise in the development of public art trails in Australia. Following community consultation, site survey and documentation review, a comprehensive report (including detailed landscape drawings for the trail’s DA approval) was delivered for Council with recommendations for the project’s future development.

Creative Road was also engaged by North Sydney Council to oversee and provide advice on best practice management of running an artist selection process, including review of existing contracts to better suit the commissioning of public artworks. The selection process aims to deliver a major new public artwork for the entrance to North Sydney’s CBD.

Artwork concepts are currently being sought which enhance identity and sense of place for this growing CBD community.


Download the NORTH ARTS walking tour app that provides information and images for trail’s 18 stops, as well as a locational map. The digital tour can be walked in three hours and started at any stop on the trail. Stops are marked with a North Sydney Public Art Trail sign post which incorporates information about the site and braille for the visually impaired.