Seed Pods & Forest Wall


Jade Oakley, Royal North Shore Hospital NSW

Creative Road collaborated with Australian artist Jade Oakley to secure her third major hospital commission.

A large scale wall artwork and a series of kinetic mobiles with integrated lighting were commissioned for The Royal North Shore Hospital’s Clinical Services building in Sydney. Jade’s artwork Forest Wall and Seed Pods were designed to provide an organic and natural aesthetic for the main foyer – creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for patients, staff and visitors.

The design for Forest Wall deliberately retains the freshness of the artist’s sketch. The forest is simplified, depicted in glowing greens, the trees abstracted forms of negative space, with the suggestion of a hillside.

A very close and deliberate relationship was cultivated between the suspended works and the wall piece. Both artworks are painted from the same colour palette, use glowing light and translucent materials. The mobiles in plan resemble the spiral of a fern tendril with the shape of the mobiles representing growth. The building is conceived as a tree, with the wooden cladding of the lift well representing the trunk of an enormous tree.

Photographer: Carolyn Price

‘I was drawn to the idea of ferns, which are the kind of plant that would grow beneath the shade of a large tree. Marblo is a beautiful product made from acrylic resin, which can be poured in a way that the colours swirl and mingle in an organic way. I believe art can affect every cell in the body to create a healing physiology that changes the immune system, a person’s perception, attitude, emotional state and pain perception. Forest Wall and Seed Pods aim to create an uplifting experience, creating a place of comfort and wellness and a feeling of hope and positivity.’

Jade Oakley

The Seedpod elements were constructed from custom made Marblo in a palette of optimistic greens. These colours suggest springtime, new growth, sunny days and lush forest. The material’s translucency enables the lights contained within the mobiles to glow from within.

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